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HOT tips to making a better short!

Watch these Toolkits from the EXPERTS!

Directing Toolkit: The most sought after job in film is wrought with challenges. We talk to the legends of the business Fred Schepisi, Rachel Griffiths, Greg Mclean and learn why not everyone is cut out for this demanding job. Even one of Australia’s great actor’s Ben Mendelsohn, gives first time Directors a few hints on how to get the most out of their acting talent.

Animation Toolkit: The time consuming process of animation is rarely acknowledged or understood. Australian Companies like Animal Logic are leading the way in cutting edge animation. We talk to Senior Animators that worked on Academy award winning feature 'Happy Feet' to get the insider’s perspective on what it takes to make it in the big league of animation.

Producing Toolkit:
Without the producer, there would be no films. Jan Chapman (The Piano, Lantana, Somersault) gives her insight to this challenging and creative role. We offer a few tips on working to a budget and keeping a production on track. Louise Smith (The Square), discusses the value of networking and negotiation. It’s an intriguing look at a critical role in the making of films.

Stunts Toolkit: Aussie Director and former stunt guy – Nash Edgerton opens our eyes to the world of making and shooting stunts. Iconic film producer Jan Chapman gives her views on the art and logistics of stunt work. We take you on set with some of the guys who know what it takes to make them, and Igor from Breakenback Films shows us what’s involved when rolling a car through a fireball.

Scriptwriting Toolkit: Without a good script, compelling short films just wouldn’t be so compelling. Some of Australia’s most acknowledged Screenwriters share their thoughts on the art of telling not just good, but great screen stories. Academy nominated writer Jan Sardi, (Shine and The Notebook), Rachel Griffiths, Fred Schepisi and Nash Edgerton talk about their approach to writing and the importance of getting the story right.

Sound Design Toolkit: The most emotive part of film is the sound… Without it, films are just photographs. Wayne Pashley and Martin Oswin were responsible for the sound scape of Baz Luhrmann’s latest epic Australia. They show us what they do, & how the art of foley and ADR can make or break a film.

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