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Press Kit
A press kit is a one-stop-shop for the promotion of your film. Make sure it is interesting, informative and has all the key information that is required to promote your film to the world. This will be used for festival programme information and be sent out to media so it’s important that you get it right.

A press kit should list key film information i.e.:

  • Title
  • Director
  • Country of origin
  • 1-line Synopsis: sharp catchy and to the point.
  • 1 or 2 paragraph Synopsis: More description, take the reader on a journey. Make them want to watch your film but don’t be too literal or give the whole plot away; check out film festival programmes both printed and on-line to see how others pitch their film.
  • Festivals & Awards that your film has participated in/won.
  • Film reviews
  • Previous films and awards, keep this up to date.
  • Remember film festivals & TV guides may edit your synopsis to make it fit their space, so if you can be short sharp and catchy, all the better!
  • Funding information: any funding from government funding bodies should be listed along with all other support and sponsorship.
  • Copyright information: i.e. Blondebeard Films©, Shane Rennie and Screen Australia 2008
  • Web address: A web address is also really useful to list if you have one and a link to download hi-resolution stills for your film, your trailer and other key information that may be available on your site

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